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High-class cuisine can only be achieved through high quality in all areas: ranging from the selection of suppliers over the restaurant’s atmosphere to the treatment of our employees.


We view our guests, co-workers, suppliers and other partners, as well as nature and her bounty with appreciation, respect, and love.


It is a given for us that we treat the people in our surrounding with respect and meet them on an equal footing. However, respect, for us, also means processing nature’s wide variety, its distinctive flavor, and precious nutrients gently and sustainably.


It’s our love for the guest and delicious food that has been driving us from the beginning to never stop evolving and create high-class vegetarian cuisine that sets itself apart from ordinary gastronomy and not only surprises but also fascinates guests.

“There are things that benefit and enrich our lives with a "Wow".”

Christian Halper, Owner of the TIAN Group

„A sensual adventure for palate and spirit“

According to Christian Halper, the visionary founder of our TIAN restaurants, truly well made, healthy, vegetarian food is essential. It’s why we spare no efforts to combine our own high standards for extraordinary cuisine with our pleasure and delight in experimentation. For this we draw from a multitude of rare and all but forgotten vegetables, fruit and assorted grains, their unmistakable aroma and valuable nutrients.

Respecting natural cycles, we pay attention to preferably organic products, created in a fair way. Our seasonal ingredients are predominantly supplied by regional partners, that understand and adhere to our high standards of quality concerning fresh food.

The name TIAN is not a coincidence by the way. It is the Chinese word for “heaven”, as well as a French vegetarian stew.

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Tian Gourmet Restaurant Munich
Frauenstraße 4
80469 Munich

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