This Michelin-Star Restaurant In Vienna Is A Paradise For Vegetable Lovers

TIAN, an entirely vegetarian Michelin-star restaurant in Vienna, won me over with the epigram on the paper menu. “Here’s to the spinach nobody likes, the fennel nobody gets,” it began, being no less adorable for being derived from a famous Apple commercial. It included evocative pairings like “badass quince” and “sassy chanterelle.”

That’s because Croatian-Austrian chef Paul Ivić sees vegetables as what they are: a potential source of fun. The name TIAN comes from the Chinese word for “heaven” as well as a French vegetarian stew. While a personal health challenge led him to get the animals out of his cooking (though he still enjoys a good Wiener schnitzel here and again), he hasn’t seen the vegetarian palette as a limitation. Rather, it seems to have given him room to let his creativity thrive.

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